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The Tipi Ställe is located in the middele of Sweden, in the province Dalarna.
Dalarna, well known as the cultural heritage of Sweden, offers countless possibilities.
Nature is very varied and there are many fun things to do and see.

The Tipi Ställe is a short walk from the owner’s house. This gives most people a pleasant and safe feeling.
Despite that, this place offers a lot of privacy. You see nothing but nature around you.

The tent 

The tent with a diameter of six meters offers you a lot of comfort and space to relax. The tent is equipped with a dubble bed and a double sofa bed.
It is standing on a large platform which keeps the insects at bay, so you can sleep peacefully. The fifth and sixth bed will be placed separately, if needed.
In addition, the tent is provided with a built-in insect screen and rollable sides, which will make your stay even more enjoyable.

Parking area                                                                                                                                          The Tipi Ställe can be reached in two ways: through the parking lot of the owner or through a forest trail that reaches all the way to the Tipi Ställe. The owner will show you how to get to your own private parking.

The outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen is situated next to the deck and is equipped with a refrigerator and integrated small freezer (tabletop size), a little camp oven, a camp kettle and two hotplates.
The kitchen also contains utensils such as oil, sugar and spices. You may use it freely, as long as you are supplementing what you have used fully. This prevents that our next guest is missing these products!
It is also permitted to leave food / drinks after departure in the fridge, as long as the packaging has not been opened ánd the expiration date has not been exceeded.

The outdoor shower

Taking a lovely shower with hot water, in the middle of the woods!
The hot water is obtained by a heater that is connected to a gas tank at the rear of the shower. So please make sure to not take too long showers, because there is a limited amount of hot water available.
No hot water? Please contact the owner of the Tipi Ställe. The owner of the Tipi Ställe has a duty to install a new gas tank as soon as possible, with a maximum reaction time of a day.
Pay attention! You may only use environmentally friendly and biodegradable soap in the shower! The shower water runs directly into the ground.

The outside toilet

On the Tipi Ställe you can find an outside toilet. Here one can deposit only biodegradable materials. So only biodegradable wipes: no sanitary napkins and no diapers!


There is a water point on the Tipi Ställe. This is where you can drain cold water.
This water comes from the water source of the owner. Filters are installed, which makes it safe to drink the water.
Pay attention! Remember to use environmentally friendly and biodegradable soap as you want to wash!


The waste water runs directly into the ground. Therefore, as mentioned before, you are urged to use only environmentally friendly and biodegradable soap.

Bed sheets
The beds have been made upon your arrival. If you want to bring your own bed sheets, of course you may do so. However, no fees will be refunded when bringing your own bedding, it is always included in the price.
Please inform the owner if you decide to bring your own bedding.


Because of the risk of fire and odors it is absolutely forbidden to smoke in and right next to the tent!
Elsewhere it is permitted on the Tipi Ställe.

Temporary smoke and fire ban

The Swedish government may issue a warning code that prohibits making fires in the forest. This happens when there is a long drought and warm period, mostly during the summer months.
The owner of the Tipi Ställe is obliged to notify you as soon as they find out. Open fires will temporarily not be allowed on the Tipi Ställe and elsewhere in the woods.


Shops can be found in the center of Dala-Järna, about 2 kilometers away. Almost everything is available there. The supermarket is open 7 days a week.

The fireplace

Fire is only allowed to be made on the designated fireplace on the Tipi Ställe.
The fire place is arranged in such a way that the risk of forest fires is as small as possible.
If you want to cook on the fireplace, then you may use the large cast iron pan which is specially meant for outdoor cooking. Do not use other pots over the fire!


You have to collect or buy wood to create a fire at the fireplace. The local supermarket sells bags of wood. It is allowed to gather fallen branches in the forest. It is strictly forbidden to break off branches or/and to cut /chop trees!

Phone and Internet

The Tipi Ställe has mobile coverage.
Internet is not available.


Dogs are allowed as long as you clean up the excrement properly! Furthermore, in Sweden you must always leash your dog, also in the immediate vicinity of the Tipi Ställe.
Dogs are not allowed on the couch or the beds at all times in the Tipi Ställe!


There is a guest book at the Tipi Ställe. It would be nice if you share your experiences. Your experiences may be helpful for future guests. Thanks in advance!


Tea lights should only be lighted in existing tea light holders or candlesticks.

Precious things

In Sweden we have the right of public access and that means that everyone is free to go into the woods. This means that there possibly will be pedestrians who may cross the nearby forest.
The responsibility and liability for personal properties lies with the tenant. No lockable rooms are located on the Tipi Ställe to secure your valuables. So make sure you bring your valuables (or store them invisible in your car) when you leave the Tipi Ställe!

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