Freedom…. makes us happy!
Freedom to walk into the woods where ever you want
Freedom to collect diffrent kinds of berries and lighting a cozy fire
Freedom of complete privacy, beeing alone and surrounded by Mother nature
In the Netherlands, where we come from, there was little space.
Literally and figuratively.
We were used to it.
Until we arrived in Sweden.
Here we experienced freedom and space which we hadn’t experienced before.
It felt so good! Also for our future family, which we gladly have right now. This seemed like a very suitable environment for children to grow up in.
This is what attracted us to Sweden.
Infinite nature and possibilities.
But the environment where we live in does not only offer freedom in that sense.
It also offers the freedom to be yourself.
The mentality is less forced. Which leads to less stress and more enjoyment.
We still enjoy the beautiful surroundings in which we live every day.
And we like to share this with other people very much, because we know what it’s like to live in a hurried and forced society.
Nature is essential, nature can heal, nature is the most beautiful thing in the World.


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